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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day!

Good Friend is key of your heart, if you are having true friendship, it will open your heart from that.

I want to share something about friends, When i was child, i did not know about this festival, but what! Were not we friends that time? Yeah definetely, Yes.

When i grow, then came to know about this festival, This festival connect two friend heartily and grow affection and love for each other.

Friendship is celebrated in all the parts of the Earth, there is no bound, as we know Boundation do not lies between friendship.


There is a history behind this festival, you know

According to Wiki

Friendship Day was originated by Joyce Hall, who was the founder of Hallmark cards in 1919. Mostly 2nd august was choosen for celebration, but somewhere it is celebrated on first sunday of August like India.

How Celebrate

Some friends acknowledge each other with exchanges of gifts and cards on this day. Friendship bands are very popular in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and parts of South America.

A bracelet is such ribon given by friends as a symbol of Friendship.

Now a day, this day become so crazy due to social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ which promotes this festival very rapidly, where we are having friends all over the world and we are connected each other there.

I want to say something on it, in friendship, we should respect each other feeling, never hurt him, we should take care of each other and say about their mistakes at the point, never hide their mistake, because a friend is just like a mirror of their friends.

At the End

Happy Friendship Day! to all of you my loving friends.

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