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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Navratri 2012 as DP dates and nine form of Durga Ma

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Navratri is the Hindi Festival also called Durga Puja somewhere. It is the festival of Ma Durga which has many different form. It has nine form of Ma Durga.

1. Shailputri

Each and every form has particular name and mantra or meditation. If you want to listen the mantra in sanskrit, follow

Navratri in 2012 dates

It starts from 16th October 2012 and ends in 24th October 2012 with Rawan Dahan.

15th October 2012(Monday) : Mahalaya Amawas
16th October 2012(Tuesday) : Navratri Begins
21st October 2012(Sunday) : Durga Pooja Begins
23rd October 2012(Tuesday) : Navratri Ends
24th October 2012(Wednesday) : Dusshera

Navratri is celebrated mainly in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Orissa, Assam etc. Now Durga Puja is celebrated in USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Japan, where the Indain Community people used to live, they celebrate it from there itself and connected with their family too.

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Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October, Birthday of Gandhi Jee

Happy Birthday Bapu

Sat sat naman!

'Hey Ram'

Gandhi Jayanti is the national holiday, it has been celebrated in India on the birthday of the Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He also called 'Father of the Nation ', 'Bapu'.

His one song

"Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pawan Sita Ram"
"Iswar Allah Tero Naam, Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan"

He was the great devotee of God Rama. According to wiki, this day has been announced as a International Day of Non-Violence. I will tell you that Gandhi Jee was the great followers of Non-Violence. He had created awareness among the people about the freedom life. He is the person who got India Independent.

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His Biography

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Pitr-Paksha before Durga Puja

Why Pitr-Paksha before Durga Puja

I wanna share with you the dates of the Hindu Festival Pitr-Paksha 2012, it is going to start on 30th September 2012 and ends in 15th October, then Navratra will start from 16th of October.

Vishwakarma puja - 17th September(Monday)

Ganesh Pooja - 19th Sep(Wed)

Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd Oct(Tuesday)

Navratra Start - 16th October(Tuesday)

Vijay Dashmi - 24th October Vijay Dashmi(Wed)

Bakri Id - 26th October(Fri)

Friends, as written in our holy books that in this time of Pitr-Paksha or Mahalay Paksha, we should remember our ancestors for their soul peace. These are the days of Ashvin and Bhadrapad. We let this Pitr-Paksha time good for our ancestors and keep shraadha for them so that we couls say thank for their debt and let grateful for them.

Such activity are done for asking happiness and say thank your to your ancestors and pray for their soul peace.

Important dates of Pitr - Paksha

30th September 2012 - Pitr Paksha starts
1st Oct 2012 - Second Shradh
2nd Oct 2012 - Third Shradh
4rd Oct 2012 - Fourth Shradh
5th Oct 2012 - Fifth Shradh
6th Oct 2012 - Sixth Shradh
7th Oct 2012 - Seventh Shradh
8th Oct 2012 - Eighth Shradh
9th Oct 2012 - Ninth Shradh
10th Oct 2012 - Tenth Shradh
11th Oct 2012 - Eleventh Shradh
12th Oct 2012 - Twelveth Shradh
13th Oct 2012 - Thirteenth Shradh
14th Oct 2012 - Fourteenth Shradh
15th Oct 2012 - Mahalaya Amawas Shradh

As written in Hindu Calendar, Mahalaya Shradh is the biggest and important day of Shradh, It is fully dedicated and remembrance of our all ancestors who has died in our family members till date.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day as Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan's Birthday

Happy Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day in India celebrated on 05th September as Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan's Birthday. But in many countries, it's celebration date vary except Pakistan. Full Country list of Teacher's Day['_Day].

Teacher like a lighthouse of our life, they give education to us to. We celerate Teacher days on the birthday of our Second President of India named Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan[] and first Vice President of India.

My Teachers

I want to share my experience about Teacher's Day. I have been admitted in such school, where I have got my eduction from nursury to Matriculation. I really want to thank to my first teacher who used to teach me at home before school, obviously My Mom and Dad. Thanks Mom and Dad.

After my mom and dad, my bablu uncle tought me, I still remind his palm, from which he used to give punish. Thanks for your punishment, it let me reach my correct path.

After that Pandey sir who tought me more than 12 years in the same school, with pandey sir, some others teacher too like tiwari sir, prasad sir, thakur sir, puspa miss, dubey sir goes on. Thanks to all of you.

We used to celebrate teachers day in different theme in my school with my all teahcers and students in my class. Each and every students of each class celebrate their teachers day separately in their class. We miss you all the teachers specially Pandey sir.

There is teacher named Umesh sir, who tought me as a milestone of my life. Lot of momories is joined with Teachers day. It never ends.

Ravi @ GSE

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