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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Karva Chauth Festivals for husband's long life

I used to write on various festivals in India, when I got to know about Karva Chauth, I could not stop myself to write on it. Karva Chauth is the big and holy festivals for Women in India. Now this has been celebrated in whole India. The Indian married Women keep fast from morning to evening for the long life of their husband. Karva Chauth has been observed by Hindu and Sikh women of North and West India first. It falls the forth day of the moon fortnight(called krishna paksha) in the Kartik month.

Sometimes it is seen that unmarried women also keep fast for their desired husbands or fiances. Now it has become the trend that some unmarried girls has started having fast on the same day for their boy friends in metro cities.[]

Meaning for Karva Chauth

The Meaning of Karva is called 'diya' and chauth means 'forth'. It means that it is celebrated on the forth day of full moonlight in kartik month.

How Karva Chauth is celebrated

Generally Women do start their preparation for this day before some day earlier in advance, they go to the market and buy everything new things for themselves like buying new sarees, cosmetics, bangles, hina, jewelry and various puja items. It is said that women should have 16 types of decoration on this days. Now Fast has been broken and both have food. Husband then gives gift to his wife such as new dress or jewelry etc. This is how it is celebrated in India.

After shopping, they apply hina on their both hands and legs. On the day of Karva chauth 2012, they keep fast without water all day long and in the eveing, they dressed just like marriage dress with 16 types of decoration. Husband takes water from the thali and gives his wife, after their wife watched him after the moon from sieve or through the dupatta.

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