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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holi Calendar 2013 in Indian and foreign countries

Holi is about to come like every year. Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season and starting of spring season. We also called Holi as a Vasant Utsav. From the Saraswati puja, Holi has been started with colors and gulal.

There are many festivals celebrated in India, but Holi is a unique festival, in which everybody just forgets all enemy and joins and celebrates festival together.

It is a festival of happiness and enjoyment. I am going to share the Holi Calendar 2013 to you.

The following are the calendar of Holi Festival 2013

Holika Dahan: 26th March(but starting late night)

Holi color: 27th March 2013

In International Countries

In other foreign countries, it will be celebrated on 27th March 2013

By the way, Holi's holiday is on 27th march, but somewhere like east India, the color festival of holi will be celebrate on 28th March 2013 due to late start of Holika. So it has always been confusing.

Everywhere in India got holiday of Holi on 27th March. You have to see that on full moon day, you can celebrate Holi. We can also say Holika Dahan as Choti Holi. There are many Holi Events are organized on Holi. Just check out for available Holi Events India.

Preparation of Holi

Holi's preparation has been started everywhere, peoples are planning to celebrate Holi with full enjoyment, you can see the crown on the trains, how peoples are going their home town to celebrate Holi with their parents and full family. But somewhere, peoples are not going their home due to office and their work. No matters, you can talk with video chat with your parents on the day of Holi and get Aashirvad from them.

Safe Holi

Now, let’s talk something about the Safety, due to having less time, lets end this article with some safety tips. What we do, we always buy unsafe colors from the market which has made by some dangerous chemicals and toxic substances. So just take care of these when buying colors from the market.

Just invest some more money but do not compromise with your health and skins. Just concentrate on buying some natural colors and safe colors made by flowers. You also have to see the quality of sweets which you are buying from the market. What sweets manufacturers do, they produce sweets in bulk and do not concentrate on quality, but you can see the quality of sweets and then buy. I will suggest you some sweets manufacturers which will provide you quality sweets, colors, and Holi gifts.

Have a Happy and Safe Holi.

My Last year article on Holi :  Holi | A Colour Full Holi | Safe Holi

Suggestions for Holi Gifts and Safe Colors Online

Haliram, Agarwal Sweets, Bikaner Sweets, Nathu Sweets are the more sources from which you can buy quality sweets.

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  1. Thanks for the article, I really like Indian festivals, I hope one day I will be able to travel and discover too much more about India.


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