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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bakrid Festival in India - ID-UL-ZUHA Celebration

Bakrid is the Festivals of Muslims and called most celebrated festivals in the world. It is celebrated as a day of Sacrifice for the Muslims. Bakrid is also called Idul Adha, It is celebrated on the Tenth Day of the Month Dhul Hijja.

Generally People go for Hajj(means pilgrimage) to Mecca and pray there and on the tenth day it is celebrated as Bakrid. On this day, people who went to Mecca, came to Mina and sacrifice an animal.

About Hajj

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Durga puja 2012 in Asansol, West Bengal

Hello Friends,

Like last year, I had gone today to see the DURGA PUJA(pujo called in Bengal) in West Bengal and love to see all puja pandals staring from near by my house to main market Asansol, I am talking about Asansol City in West Bengal, There are many placed I have visited today in S.B. Gorai Road, Hotton road, Asansol Market etc.

All puja pandals were docorated with tradition bengoli style. There were DHOL, NAGADE everywhere, in each pandals(just like temporarily temple) having DHOL and NAGADE. As per Bengali Calendar, it is Maha saptami today.

From saptami, here all the puja pandals will be starting durga puja at pandals and people used to visit it. There will be a big crowd in the pandals. All the people used to go there with their full family wearing new clothes.

Some of the photos of Asansol Durga Puja, I am going to share with you.


Picture Source: Own Camera

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mahalaya : Beginning of Durga Puja : Invoking the MA to kill Mahisasura


I am here to write something about Mahalaya, at childhood I used to see the Mahalaya on DD Channel at the day of festival Mahalaya, but I did not know about people crackering on this day after 12 O'Clock night. My childhood was in Jharkhand. At this Durga Puja, I am in West Bengal and wonder to see it that People started crackering on the day of Mahalaya after mid night. When I got up in the morning, everywhere people was firing crackers. Love to see and overwhelmed with our culture that how people follow in West Bengal.

What is Mahalaya

Mahalaya is the last day of Pitru Paksha(16 days to pay homage of our ancestors) which is called Mahalaya Amawasya. People of Bengal feel that Mahalaya is the beginning of the navratra in which Ma Durga entered into the Earth to kill the devil. People of West Bengal get up early on this day and reciting the Ma Durga Mantra and welcome Ma Durga on the Earth and they also used to fire crackers and become happy.

History of Mahalaya

People used to say that, When Devil has crossed their limit and no body could be able to kill the devil then Bhagwan Vishnu invoked Ma Durga to kill Mahisasura on this special Mahalaya Amawasya day and sent Mom Durga(affiliate with all power of GOD) on the Earth to defeat and kill the demon king Mahisasura who had been against GOD. The Ma Durga came on the earn on this day and vanished the devil, everywhere people started crackering and enjoy the victory of GOD against Devils.

Ma Durga Mantra

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Diwali | Festival of Light | Calendar 2012

Diwali, Deepawali, Festival of Lighs, Devali, there are various names of this festivals in India. Diwali is the festival of lights in which we worship the goddess Laxmi jee and Ganesh Jee. It is said that this day Mata Laxmi come to our house and provide lot of money and happiness to our life. Diwali is celebrated in all over the world now. This is the big festivals in a year.

When I was child, I do not understand that one month before diwali, everybody started cleaning their house and shops and also getting paints in their home, offices, shops etc. Now I got it that why. I want to say that It is the festival in which people start cleaning and painting their house, offices and shops etc.

As a writer I want to share something that My uncle having business of pujan samagri so they are getting busy in his shop, lot of crowd collected in his shop, you know why? People used to purchase pujan samagri and new bronze pod for their house.

Diwali Calendar 2012

11 November 2012(Sunday) : Dhanteras
12 November 2012(Monday) : Choti Diwali
13th November 2012(Tuesday) : Badi Diwali


At the day of Dhanteras, people purchase any bronze, silver, or Gold stuff for their house, it is said that in this day, every person should buy these things. It is the symbol of happiness and good financial condition. That is why people used to buy these stuff.

Choti Diwali

At Choti Diwali, people buy clothes, sweets and pujan samagri for worshipping at the day of Diwali. At this day people also burn diyas, different form of lights and fire firecrackers. Children enjoy a lot on this day.

Badi Diwali

This is day in which we worship the goddess, burn the lights and fire the crackers. We used to distribute the sweets called ladoo in this day. Worship is done Everywhere weather offices, shops and house and pray to GOD for happiness and not having financial crisis in this life. A traditional game is played on the day of Diwali called cards. People used to play cards all night long.

History of Diwali

This is said that after defeating the Ravana, Bhagwan Rama had returned his home with Sita Mata, Bhai Laxman. On this ocassion, people starter celebrating this day as a festivals of lights.

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Happy Diwali to all of you from my whole team

Diwali Aarti

Dussehra as Vijaydashmi in India

Dussehra is also called Vijaydashmi in India, some people called it Dussehra and some called Vijaydashmi. It is the festivals in which we used to say that Bhagwan Ram had killed the Ravan this day. There are many story popular behind this particular day. Since than The Ravana Death, we have been celebrating this day called Dussehra. We also called it the day of victory of Ma Durga over the devils.

Dussehra Date in 2012 : 24th October 2012(Wednesday)

Dussehra is celebrated generally at tenth day of the Navratri in which we used to fire the dead body of Ravana each year. People from each community are collected at the same place and happiness is everywhere.

In the whole India, it is celebrated with some neighbour country like Nepal, Bangladesh.

Navratri Calendar 2012

16th October 2012(Tuesday) : Ma Shailaputri : First Day of Navratri
17th October 2012(Wednesday) : Brahmacharini Ma : Second Day
18th October 2012(Thursday) : Chandraghanta and Kushmanda Ma : Third Day
19th October 2012( Friday) : Skanda Ma : Fourth Day
20th October 2012(Saturday) : Katyayani Ma : Fifth Day
21st October 2012(Sunday) : Saraswati Ma and Kala Ratri Ma : Sixth Day
22nd October 2012(Monday) : Maha Gouri : Ashtami : Seventh Day
23rd October 2012(Tuesday) : Navami : Eighth Day
24th October 2012(Wednesday) : Dashami

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