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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mahalaya : Beginning of Durga Puja : Invoking the MA to kill Mahisasura


I am here to write something about Mahalaya, at childhood I used to see the Mahalaya on DD Channel at the day of festival Mahalaya, but I did not know about people crackering on this day after 12 O'Clock night. My childhood was in Jharkhand. At this Durga Puja, I am in West Bengal and wonder to see it that People started crackering on the day of Mahalaya after mid night. When I got up in the morning, everywhere people was firing crackers. Love to see and overwhelmed with our culture that how people follow in West Bengal.

What is Mahalaya

Mahalaya is the last day of Pitru Paksha(16 days to pay homage of our ancestors) which is called Mahalaya Amawasya. People of Bengal feel that Mahalaya is the beginning of the navratra in which Ma Durga entered into the Earth to kill the devil. People of West Bengal get up early on this day and reciting the Ma Durga Mantra and welcome Ma Durga on the Earth and they also used to fire crackers and become happy.

History of Mahalaya

People used to say that, When Devil has crossed their limit and no body could be able to kill the devil then Bhagwan Vishnu invoked Ma Durga to kill Mahisasura on this special Mahalaya Amawasya day and sent Mom Durga(affiliate with all power of GOD) on the Earth to defeat and kill the demon king Mahisasura who had been against GOD. The Ma Durga came on the earn on this day and vanished the devil, everywhere people started crackering and enjoy the victory of GOD against Devils.

Ma Durga Mantra

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