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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dussehra as Vijaydashmi in India

Dussehra is also called Vijaydashmi in India, some people called it Dussehra and some called Vijaydashmi. It is the festivals in which we used to say that Bhagwan Ram had killed the Ravan this day. There are many story popular behind this particular day. Since than The Ravana Death, we have been celebrating this day called Dussehra. We also called it the day of victory of Ma Durga over the devils.

Dussehra Date in 2012 : 24th October 2012(Wednesday)

Dussehra is celebrated generally at tenth day of the Navratri in which we used to fire the dead body of Ravana each year. People from each community are collected at the same place and happiness is everywhere.

In the whole India, it is celebrated with some neighbour country like Nepal, Bangladesh.

Navratri Calendar 2012

16th October 2012(Tuesday) : Ma Shailaputri : First Day of Navratri
17th October 2012(Wednesday) : Brahmacharini Ma : Second Day
18th October 2012(Thursday) : Chandraghanta and Kushmanda Ma : Third Day
19th October 2012( Friday) : Skanda Ma : Fourth Day
20th October 2012(Saturday) : Katyayani Ma : Fifth Day
21st October 2012(Sunday) : Saraswati Ma and Kala Ratri Ma : Sixth Day
22nd October 2012(Monday) : Maha Gouri : Ashtami : Seventh Day
23rd October 2012(Tuesday) : Navami : Eighth Day
24th October 2012(Wednesday) : Dashami

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